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Retro 51 Pens
Retro 51 Pens
LIFE IS TO SHORT TO CARRY AN UGLY PEN, or so says Retro 1951, the maker of fine writing instruments that mix the latest in technology with old fashioned charm. Just like it sounds, Retro 51 pens are a design return to bobby socks, fifties rock n' roll and surfing. Grab your boards because the "Woodie Wagon" is back! It's back as a pen, at any rate. These pen designs from Retro 51 are just like the original "Woodie Wagons" of the 1940's and 50's
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Say hello to you new little friend with hip 'stache and derby ready to jot, doodle or poke around on the phone with you! it measures 4 1/4 inches in length and has a smooth ballpoint refill with a soft stylus on the twist top.
Do you remember as a kid racing your bike only to hit the brakes and "leave a brodie" it's all about the burning of rubber and leaving a mark! well years have past, but life should be treated the same way: work hard, leave your mark and have fun while at it. The Traveler was made to perform such tasks and puts the fun in functional!
Writing with a fountain pen is a true joy that must be experienced to fully understand. Find new character and emotion in your handwriting with the Tornado fountain pen. The new antique copper Lincoln EXT is a fantastic fountain pen with a medium stainless steel nib with converter and a ink cartridge in gift tube
Daly's Pen Shop, Sells the Retro 51 King & Queen Tornado pens and Retro 51 pen refills
Daly's Pen Shop, Sells the Retro 51 Vintage Metalsmith collection of Tornado Pen and Retro 51 refills
Retro 51 Lacquer Tornado Pens
Retro 51 Leather Tornado Pens
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Retro 51 Crossword Puzzle Pencils
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